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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stuff In No Particular Order

Kristen and I both like to watch the Food Network and we had been watching the Next Food Network Star. It ended this weekend and we were just puzzled at the winner of the show. It doesn't affect us personally, but we were just confused. Anyways, summer is still here and that means that here in Texas we get the 102 degree days all through August. It's a lot more fun than it sounds, really. I mean who wouldn't want to walk out their door and immediately start sweating and have their flip flops melt to their feet?

Lost is still on hiatus so I think I may rewatch some episodes to get my fix. I've been on this soccer thing for a little while now since I saw the Man U/Chelsea Premiere League Final a while back. That was one heck of a game. Went to penalty kicks. I also watched the Euro 2008 tourney last month in which Spain took the title and I believe they celebrated with paella and a running of the bulls. I don't know, it's what I heard. But I have been playing our FIFA 07 PS2 game lately and had forgotten how cool it was, so I'm playing it now.

About to start reading a new book for our small group study. It's called Sacred Marriage. Both Kristen and I are going to tackle this one together and are looking forward to getting more insight on what to expect in our marriage and in our relationship with God. We have had several people recomend this book to us, so having it for our small group discussion will be a great way to also get other people's perspective on marriage.

We were watching tv last night and we came to realize that there is nothing on tv worth watching anymore on any of the local channels in the evening. We want to go to a movie this weekend but don't know what we want to see. And one final thought, McAlister's Sweet Tea is AWESOME!! We had some this weekend! If it wasn't for Kristen, I would not know of this amazing drink. I love you Babe, not just for the tea thing but because each day with you is a new adventure that I look forward to!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Weekend

Well, it's been a little bit since we updated our blog so ready, set, let's go. Let's start with last weekend. On Friday night we saw what could be one of the best movies ever. The Dark Knight. This second edition of the next generation batman was awesome! Great action scenes and a really creepy, scary, borderline insane Joker. Great movie!

Saturday night is our Church night, but after the service we went out to dinner with Gregg and Tami and had an awesome time just getting to know them and building a friendship with them. They talked us into trying this Quesadilla salad thing at Chili's. It was pretty good I must say so myself. After dinner, we headed over to Justin and Angie's house to hang out and play some Guitar Hero and watch MMA. It was a great evening overall and we had a blast.

Sunday we slept in becuase that's what we do now that we go to Church on Saturday nights! It's awesome! Anyways, it was just running errands and getting stuff done on Sunday, nothing real exciting. This week has been good. Ready for the weekend to get here. Friday we are heading over to our first small group meeting/dinner over at Justin and Angie's. It is going to be great meeting new people and sharing in fellowship.

This weekend is the second coming of nyy vs. RSN. That's the yankees and the REDSOX!! This weekend at Fenway! This series is always great because it brings all the crazy people out to the park and it's always great to play in atmospheres like this one. All I can hope for is that the REDSOX will sweep the yanks into oblivion and extend their lead in the AL East. For now I leave you with the following New England monolouge:"That pitchah throws a wicked hahhd fastball." and "dis guy says he can smack one ovah the Monstah and outta the pahhk."

Monday, July 14, 2008

Austin Was Amazing As Always..

Our trip to Austin a couple of weeks ago was fantastic, it was so nice to get away for awhile. One thing we hadn't ever done there was to play minature golf. Somehow we ended up deciding that the perfect time to go would be in the heat of the afternoon. Ha, we were wrong! It was fun but I literally thought my flip-flops were going to melt right off my feet. Lesley kicked both our butts. She didn't inform us that she was a pro at minature golf. When we finished we went and had these awesome snow-cones out of a little trailer, man were they good..!! Our next trip to Austin will hopefully be a trip to see the longhorns play.

Weekend Update

So our last post was about our Austin trip. After we got home last week we were pretty beat from the driving and stuff so last week was Chill Week 2008. Friday evening Kristen and I went to one of our favorite spots for all things breadsticks, salads, and pasta. The Olive Garden. Food was a great ending to a relaxing week. On Saturday morning we met at the Starbucks(non paid free name drop right there) on Grapevine Mills Pkwy with the group that will be starting the new College Ministry at our church. There were some familiar faces along with some new future friends in the mix. We are both really excited that our church is starting this for people in our age range because it will be a place where we can not only be involved in but also a place where we can help involve others.

Saturday night we went to Wild About Harry's with Kristen's friend and her boyfriend. It's a great little hot dog place on Knox Henderson in Dallas. I had the Texas and Kristen had the Dallas. I don't know, that's what they call their different hot dogs. Mine had chili and Kristen's had onion and relish. They were really good! You can't find hot dog places in the area so this was a great find.

I've been playing this really good song on my Ipod a lot lately by Sanctus Real. It's called Whatever You're Doing. It's about clearing your heart of everything and reevaluating who we are and reassuring God that he is solely in our hearts and having accountability for what we do. It's a cool song with a great meaning.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Austin Trip Through the Eyes of Sebastian

Well, we are back from our 4th of July trip down to A-Town or Austin as others like to call it. Kristen and I are there so much we should just become official Austinites. Their motto is Keep Austin Weird and let me tell you they do a heck of a job at living up to that.

On Thursday afternoon we made our way down I-35 and started our trip. Joining Kristen and I were her parents and her best friend. The drive down wasn't bad at all once we got out of metroplex rush hour traffic. We made pretty decent time too but by the time we got there we were all pretty hungry so we went to Chili's.

Friday morning we discovered what could be one of the 7 wonders of the food world, if there is such a thing. We went to Austin Java. At first we were a little skeptical because we had to park way down the street from this place and take a tour bus like electric super golf cart back to the restaurant. Once we got back to the place we went in and were pleasantly surprised by their food. I had the French Toast with some oj and Kristen had the blueberry pancakes. We also ordered potato and egg tacos. Let me start with. . . Yum! The French toast was the size of my face as was the pancake. We would have taken a picture of it, but by the time we thought about it all that was left was syrup residue on the plate.

That night was the 32nd annual 4th of July fireworks and symphony music celebration downtown on Town Lake. The show started at 8:30 and went through about 10 that night. The music was cool and the fireworks were out of this world. Rangers ballpark, take notice and step it up on your next firework show.

The next few days are a bit of a blur because it involved a lot of driving around town going here and there, but whatever it was it was fun. We went to several vintage shops, the co-op and down to SoCo or South Congress. There is where the Famous HomeSlice pizzeria is at. We ate lunch there one day just don't remember what day that was. Oh and we also had sno cones one day. Yeah, they were awesome!

Pictures to come from our trip so keep posted. Can't wait to go on another trip and next time we are so getting Flip Happy Crepes and Amy's Ice Cream!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Wonderful Birthday Weekend!!

Well, what can I say I'm another year older! The big 24! I'm finding that the older I get the better life seems to get. On the morning of my birthday I woke up to a big birthday bag from Sebastian waiting for me to open. To my surprise it was a hair dryer that I desperately wanted and needed. I love it so much! I took a half day off from work and went to lunch and then to pedicures with my mom and step-sister. That night we went to Salt Grass where we met up with Sebastian's family, we had a great time. Afterwards we had the best cake in the entire world, red velvet with chocolate chips. All I can say is YUMMY...!! On Saturday night we went out with some friends from my work to Chuys in Dallas, it was great. Then on Sunday we went and had dinner with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle at Red, Hot and Blue. Fantastic ribs!

So after a great weekend with lots of fun and food I'm exhausted. But I can't be tired for long we are leaving for Austin on Thursday for another fun filled weekend. My best friend Lesley will be joining us, she has never been to Austin so Sebastian and I are looking forward to showing her around town.

Things that have been on my mind lately:
- Still dreading my upcoming speech class
- Sebastian and I becoming a part of the middle school ministries at our church
- Wanting to move to the Plano or Frisco area
- Looking forward to the upcoming Batman movie and not sure if I want to be one of those people that see it at midnight on July 17th
- Can't wait to go to HomeSlice when we arrive in Austin