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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Week, This Week, Next Week

So it's been a week since the last post so here we go, well not really but here it is. So this past week has been eventful. Let's see, our softball season started a couple of weeks ago and we are playing on Tuesday nights. So far we are 1-1 and we have another game tonight and I hope that we can win. I used to play on Friday nights, but I must say I enjoy Tuesday better now.

We had small group on Friday evening and it was great. We got a chance to open up about the book we are studying and get insight from everyone's perspective. On Saturday the Longhorns beat, I mean really beat down the Razorbacks on their last tune up game before conference play. This weekend it's Colorado and I look for them to be 1-0 in Big XII play.

I've been on this kick on trying to find a Super Nintendo. I've just been wanting to play Super Mario World for some reason. I used to play that game all the time and now I am on the lookout to finding one. So if you know where I can get one, let me know. I am jamming to some Ray Charles right now and am playing my keyboard like a piano. His music just does that.

I finally tried one of Kristen's awesome Egg McMuffins. I must say this is my new favorite McMuffin. I could have this breakfast, lunch and dinner!! Next week is my birthday, I don't like getting older. But with birthdays come cake!! I like cake!! A lot!! Kristen won't tell me what kind of cake, but I know it will be good!! Well this is what's been going on, more updates to come soon or sooner than later. Hook Em' Horns!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Who Are You?

Who are you? What defines you? Those were questions asked to us by PKE or Pastor Kevin Evans last night @ The Path. He also asked, "What makes you significant?" These were awesome questions that can have a never ending list of answers like where you are from or what you do or even your hobbies, but what he really wanted us to do was look in our hearts and really find what makes us significant, what we truly value.

It's not our stuff that makes us who we are. It's not our friends who makes us what we are. It's not society that tells who who we are. It's God. The great thing that I have learned the past year or so of my life is that the moment I put my full trust in Jesus I found who I was. I realized that my stuff or other people's perception of me was not my identity. Our society has sadly put their trust in things that can be lost. A job, a friend, finances, appearance, etc. All of these things can be taken away from us, but the love of God can never be changed, altered or taken from us.

To know that we are in Christ through anything, makes you stronger than you've ever been. There can never be a situation that will defeat us because He chose us to be more than conquerors. He made Christ, for us to be righteous in. So don't let your stuff define you. Don't let others give you your identity. Take hold of the identity God gives you. He is always there, he never let's go.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, your perfect love is casting out fear. Even when I'm caught in the middle of the storms of this life, I won't turn back, I know you are near. I will fear no evil, for my God is with me, and if my God is with me, whom them shall I fear? (You Never Let Go)

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Not By Chance

Faith is something lots of people say they have but few people actually have. Up until the last year I really did not know what Faith was. I knew of it, but didn't know it personally. Hebrews 11:1 puts it pretty clearly to us: Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. That sums it up for me because we have to be sure in our heart of things that we are hopeful for and we must be certain of the unseen. God uses us for many things but I think he uses us and those around us mainly for the reassurance of our Faith.

Kristen and I were having a conversastion about this topic and we just kept bringing up instances where God was giving us signs to be the reassurance to someone's Faith. If you ever notice something that you didn't before in people and you feel like something is not right, it's not by chance. It is God telling you to open your eyes and ears and listen to what he is saying because you may be someone's last string of hope. We have been truly blessed to have had people like this in our lives, and we now get the opportunity to be these people to others. Knowing that you've helped someone heal a wound or brighten their day is an amazing feeling.

Have you been conscious of others around you or are you trapped in your own bubble separated from the world? The Lord is near to all who call on Him(Psalm 145:18), who will you call on today?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cake Tasting & Stuff To Think About

So today Kristen and I have a cake tasting for our wedding! You know what that means? Free great tasting cakes!! Yes I said free! How can anyone go wrong with free cake? I am really excited about trying cakes because let's face it, cake is awesome! Chocolate is my favorite but I am open to other flavors as well. And don't get me started on fillings. So many combinations to think of!! We are heading out to a bakery, that will remain nameless until a decision has been made, after work and are getting our paletes ready for some frosting and fillings.

All this got me thinking of that Friends episode where Chandler and Rachel are eating cheesecake off the floor and Joey comes up, pulls a fork out of his jacket and starts eating. Now that is a man that is prepared for the unexpected. So I think: should I carry a fork with me for times like this? I mean, would it be weird if I pulled out my own fork at the bakery to eat cake? More details to come later.

So, I was reading the Book of Job this morning and a couple of things stuck out at me that got me thinking, I know, scary. The first is the fact that God puts trials in our lives as a test of our Faith in Him. How we respond to these trials sets us up for the next stage in our lives. So when you come to a fork in the road always choose to side with God because as I've read in the Bible those who don't side with Him don't have a happy ending.

Another thing that stuck out to me, is that in time of suffering or need, we all have people in our lives that give us counsel for the sake of giving counsel. They don't think about what they say, they just say it, just as in Job's situation. He was in despair and his friends just spoke to him for the sake of speaking. No real insight into what they said and no real Godly advice. What kind of person are you? The kind that just speaks to be heard or the one that seeks God's counsel before giving advice. Sadly for Job neither of his friends were seeking God and their perspective on his situation just frustrated him.

These passages just got me thinking about the type of person I want to be. In times of struggle and in times of pain I want to be able to be God's vessel in the form of words and actions to comfort my soon to be wife, family and friends. Only God knows the reasons why we are faced with challenges in our lives. We should not question the intentions and we should just learn from any trial that we come across. Through any struggle we must trust in God and never lose Faith because in the end we will prevail by His Grace!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Enjoying Your Season

So, what season are you in and are you taking the time to enjoy it? This was a question asked to us last night @ The Path. John Stickl led the conversation last night and the topic was really good. To break it down to the core, he was asking us to consider where we are in our lives and to stop and enjoy it. Don't be in a hurry because you may miss things that you will regret later in life. We felt this message was very powerful and that everyone should adapt it. Slow down, enjoy your life and don't miss out because you are in a hurry.

Our weekend was awesome. Aside from the worries of high winds and flooding that the hurricane would have caused the weekend was smooth. Friday night we met with our small group and discussed the first two chapters in our book, Questions of Life. Saturday was the supposed to be the storm of the decade but God was merciful and the majority of the damage was minimum and the hurricane quickly turned into a storm. Up here in the DFW area we got rain and not much else so we were blessed by that. We decided to go to church on Sunday morning and we must say the worship songs were awesome and the message from Kevin was awesome as well.

Sunday evening we went to The Path and had a great time as well and we found out that Red Robin gives 20% off meals on Sunday evenings for being part of this Ministry. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. Their burgers are good because you can pretty much build them yourself so you get something that you will enjoy. And their fries are awesome. Speaking of fries we had lunch @ RHB (Red Hot & Blue) and their fries are amazing. I don't know what type of seasoning they use but it's good!! Later for now and remember to slow down and enjoy each moment that God gives us because each moment can be a valuable lesson for our lives.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm The BABY Gotta Love Me!!

Does anyone remember the old television show called Dinosaurs..?? After lunch the other day I was sitting out on a bench with some friends from work and my friend Courtney made the comment that the side of our hotel looked like the cage of a dinosaur bird out of the movie Jurassic Park part 2. Well the dinosaur talk made me start thinking about the ancient old television show called Dinosaurs. So I decided to do some research. The pilot episode made it's debut on April 26, 1991 which only continued on air for another 3 years. I was never allowed to watch this show becuase of all the adult commentary so when I did watch it was over at a friend's house.

The Dinosaur family also known as the Sinclair family was a satirical parody of human society. They would act is if they were humans with human problems. This was definitely a show geared towards adults.

I remember my childhood best friend Kellie had the baby dinosaur and when you pulled the string in it's back it would yell, "Not the mama!" I loved the part when baby Sinclair would always hit Earl over the head with a frying pan and again yell, "Not the mama!"

It was a good show when I was 7, not sure if I would enjoy it as much now.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Some Stuff

So it's Friday and that means, well that means we don't have to go to work tomorrow. Always the highlight of the week. Let's see what's in store for us this weekend. Tonight we don't have plans and that is awesome. A night of relaxing is always a nice change of pace. Tomorrow we have a few errands to run and then we go to church in the evening and then after that we are going out with Brett & Audra. Oh did I mention that Texas plays UTEP tomorrow night. Since the game is in El Paso kickoff won't be till 9:15pm. I think El Paso is in like the Western or Mountain Time Zone which totally throws everything out of wack. I predict Texas winning by at least 6 touchdowns.

Speaking of football, What do you call a Hispanic Quarterback?. . . . . . . Answer below...

Sunday night is the first meeting of the Path at our church. We are excited about this because this ministry is centered around and was started for our age group. Our friend Ben will be leading this ministry and we are really looking forward to it. On another note, Kristen made this awesome Home-made Egg McMuffin last night and it looked awesome! I didn't have one but I will tomorrow morning! Is it weird that even though it's called an English Muffin we still call it McMuffin even when we make it at home? Just throwing that out there.

Had lunch with my brother yesterday and it was great. We haven't got together to catch up in a long time and it was nice to do so. I hope that he'll be able to come join us on some weekends if he is able to get those days off from work. Well weekend here we come and you better be ready or something. Peace!

Trivia Answer: El Paso

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Amazing Weekend!!

So if you've been keeping up with what we've been up to then you know that this past weekend Kristen and I were baptized at our church. It was an amazing experience and we were so happy to have our families and friends there to witness our devotion to God.

On Friday we had small group and we had a great turn out from our Connect Weekend table. 5 new people decided to come check out the group and jump on board. We spent the evening getting to know them and telling them a bit about us. It was our turn to bring dessert so Kristen and I decided to make Cheesecakes and Brownies! We must say, they were awesome and they were a hit!! Everyone really enjoyed them as did my stomach!! Kristen's cheesecake is amazing!!

Saturday, like I mentioned above was our baptism day and it was also the start of college football. Texas won and every other game didn't matter. So we were told to be at the church about 5 o clock on Saturday afternoon so that we had plenty of time to get ready and stuff. So we are hanging out in the atrium and then Jeff shows up and tells us to follow him so that we can go get our robes and get set up. So while we were doing that, our families just hung out at the cafe and waited for everything to get going. Kristen went first and I got to watch from the steps and to witness that was such an amazing sight!! To think that we both got baptized on the same night was so great! God has had such an amazing impact on our lives and this was our way to give Him His Glory!!! This is us and then us with Jeff Haley.