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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meet Major..

My last blog was about me wanting to adopt a Dalmatian from the North Texas Dalamatian Rescue Society. I had every intention to do this once we returned from Austin this past Sunday. But on Saturday while we were in Austin walking up and down the streets of Congress a huge sign caught my eye, which read "Austin Pets Alive". So of course my love and passion for animals got the best of me and had to check it out. As I'm walking up to one the cages there was this little black and white spotted puppy looking right up at me. It was like he was telling me with his eyes to pick him up. So of course I went ahead and picked him up and well the rest is history. The next thing I knew I was filling out adoption papers to take hime home. This organization called Austin Pets Alive is a group of people that go around to all the shelters in the local area and picks up all the puppies that are about to be put down because no one wants them. They neuter, micro-chip and give them all their shots in hopes that someone will give them a home. I'm so happy that there are people out there that have huge hearts for animals to do something like this.

Major is wonderful and were convinced that he is the smartest dog ever. He sleeps through the night and doesn't go to the bathroom in his crate. What more could we ask for! In a couple of months were planning to start puppy training classes and when he reaches five months he might start going to doggy day camp once a week. We're so happy we were able to save him.

The first moment we saw him!

Major cleaned up and on the road back to Dallas

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To Austin & Back

So we are back from being in Austin this past weekend and it was awesome! Any time we are there it is great. So we left on Friday and arrived that afternoon and our first stop was Guadalupe St. We made our way to the Co-Op and got us some t-shirts and made fun of some mizzou fans that were in there for some reason. After manuvering through the crowds of people we made our way back to our car. For dinner we wanted to try something new so we went over to Threadgills on Congress. Kristen suggested it and I am glad that she did because it was good! There I had the awesome jalapeno cornbread! Dinner was awesome as it was home cookin' as we call it here in Texas.

Saturday morning we made our way out to the Tower on the UT campus because that is where ESPN Gameday was going to be broadcasting. It was pretty wild and fun. We made our way towards the middle of the pack and had a pretty good view of the stage and the big bass drum that was behind us! There were a lot of signs as expected and some were pretty funny. Pictures to come soon. We also got some mini Chick Fil A cows. I'm a big fan of the chikfila so this was cool. We were getting pretty hungry so we made our way to our spot for breakfast when we are in Austin, Austin Java. We had to go all out so we got the French Toast, Pancakes, and Tacos! It was so good!!

By this time our friends Brett & Audra had made it to Austin to meet up with us. So we all headed back down to Guadalupe to show them around. After some time in the Co-Op we decided to go check out the Gameday site again. We got there and noticed a small crowd forming so we headed over there. We got there and we realized that overrated Kirk Herbstreit was signing autographs and talking to the fans, but then Kristen saw that Lee Corso was just hanging out to our right so we headed over there. And we must say he is as crazy cool off camera as he is on camera. He had an entourage of one State Tropper that looked like he came out of Chips.

We made our way down to Homeslice pizza for lunch after this and it was awesome as always. Brett & Audra really enjoyed it as well. It was so cool to show them around and take them to some of our favorite spots in ATX. On the way to Homeslice we walked by some puppies that were up for adoption. Little did we know that we would find the most awesome puppy ever, so we adopted it and saved his life. Kristen has such a huge heart for animals and it didn't hurt that the puppy was cool! We found out that it was a Border Collie/Retreiver mix. It is white with black spots and it's such a cool little dog! We named him Major to represent the best QB in Longhorn history, Major Applewhite!

So Saturday night was supposed to be the big showdown in A-Town. But I think someone forgot to tell mizzou about it because they didn't show up. It looked like they were on the sidelines but they may have been imposters! After half time the score was 35-3 Texas. It was pretty much a blow out from the get go which is a good thing and it solidifies how good the Horns are! Final score 56-31 Texas. So this was our weekend, full of great food, friends and fun! Can't wait to make it back down. Later for now!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Austin Here We Come......

Well it's Thursday and that means only one more day until we meet our good friends in Austin! This getaway for Sebastian and myself is much needed! We are hitting the road around noon tomorrow with hopes of beating the Austin rush hour traffic. I'm not sure where we are going to eat dinner but I'm sure it'll be awesome wherever we choose. I'm kind of thinking barbeque or the famous Homeslice. On Saturday morning we will wake-up early and eat at our favorite breakfast spot on Congress called Austin Java. Then we will head over to College Gameday in front of the University Tower. It's going to madness in Austin this weekend, this game against Missouri is going to be just as nerve wracking as the OU game was. We can't wait for kick-off at 7pm, we will be covered in orange and white and ready to yell.

We will leave on Sunday with hopes of getting back a little early. The North Texas Dalmatian Rescue Society contacted me stating they have a one year old Dalmatian ready for a new home. As some of you may know Freckles my Dalmatian that I had since I was ten passed away earlier this year. It has been hard and there are still days we just cry missing her. The backyard at my mom's house seems very empty without her. We want to adopt another precious girl in Freckle's honor. We don't know a lot about her yet, but hope to learn more soon. This little one will have to stay at my mom's house but as soon as Sebastian and I buy our first home we will definitely have a backyard with 1 or 2 of them running around.

Here are some fun pictures from last Friday at my work outing at Circle R Ranch:

Me and My Babe being tough!

Seb and I with Jen and Kyle

Jenna, Me and Jen

Stay tuned for more pictures to follow from Austin!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthdays, Longhorns and More

Ok so it's Tuesday I think, and we had a very eventful week and weekend. So last Wednesday was my birthday so now I am 26. Being one step closer to 30 feels weird. So for my birthday Kristen got me Guitar Hero:Aerosmith!! It is awesome! Get to rock out like Joe Perry!! I did realize that after playing non stop for long periods of time that your shoulder and your hands get sore, but it was worth it!! On Wednesday night Kristen invited me to go out and celebrate so I was excited and to not ruin the surprise of where we were going I rode blindfolded. When we got to the destination I was extrememly surprised and excited, it was Red Hot & Blue!! That place is awesome!!! So we walk in and little did I know, Kristen had planned for our families to be there when we showed up! I didn't expect them to be there so it was a very good surprise!! It was an awesome time!! I once again had the pulled pork cheeseburger. I couldn't pass it up, it's so good!!!

Friday evening we had an invitation to an event at Circle R Ranch for Kristen's work. It was a great time and it was all Free Free Free!! I think we tried every dish that they served. The ribs, the quesadillas, the steak tacos, shrimp poppers, chicken wings and chips and queso. It was all really good. They also had live music and then a dj towards the end of the night. We had a great time!!!

Saturday and Sunday we continued to celebrate my birthday and a Longhorn win over the sooners. What a game!! It was back and forth till the end when the Horns finally put it out of reach and won the game. This win shot them all the way up the polls to a #1 ranking!!! Hook Em'!!

That evening after church we all went out to Patrizio's in Highland Village for some dinner. Friends from our small groups were all there and it was a really awesome time! We finally tried the pepperoni bread and it was better than advertised. Then one of the waiters was a ou fan so we had to give him a hard time all night about the Longhorns win!! Sunday we celebrated over at her mom's house with our families. Kristen made this awesome layer dip that was gone before I could get a second helping! We all had cake and watched the Cowboys lose to Arizona. I'm not a fan so it was pretty funny to watch.

All in all this was an awesome birthday!! Great food, great times!!! Thanks babe! I guess turning 26 isn't that bad after all! Pictures to come soon . . . .

Monday, October 6, 2008

Coming Up Next On Kristen & Sebastian:

Extra, Extra, read all about it! Always wanted to say that but never had the chance. So let's see, we last posted a blog on the last day of September which would be like six days ago. So it's now October and that can only mean one thing, someone is turning one year older. Yeah, you guessed it, it's me. So this week is my birthday week. Ok,so my birthday is only one day but we've got things going on all week so I am taking the week. Action packed days coming up with a surprise b-day outing with Kristen on Wednesday. She won't tell me where we are going so I will have to wait and see. I like surprises! I truly am blessed to be able to share my life with her! Then on Friday we were invited to a party @ Circle R Ranch so free food here I come! It should be a lot of fun. There will be music, free food, more music and more free food!!

Then Saturday morning will be one of the great traditions of my birthday week. The annual, Red River Shootout! They changed it to RR Rivalry but I like Shootout better! Texas and then some crappy school from that one state that is north of us will play at the Cotton Bowl for all the braggin' rights that come with being separated by a river that is red. I predict Texas will win this one just because they are the better team no matter what the rankings say. Really, who plays Tenessee Chattanooga? At least we played UTEP. Hook Em' Horns!!!

Then that night, after the Longhorns win we are heading out to dinner and then bowling with friends for my birthday outing. I haven't bowled in forever so I expect to be in top form and bowl a whopping 250 minimum. I wish. Then Sunday we are going out with the familias but not sure where yet. Next week we are heading down to ATX or Austin Texas for those who don't speak letter. We will be down there for the Tx-Mizzou game and it should be a lot of fun. We are meeting up with Brett & Audra and we are their tour guides for that weekend. We can't wait to go, it's always such a great time in Austin and that just happens to be where I proposed to Kristen so it's awesomeness all around! So cheer on them Horns this weekend and if you run into any sooners just tell them this:

Been listening to a Jeremy Camp song lately and some lyrics jumped out at me. (So I will walk by faith, even when I can not see, well because this broken road, prepares your will for me). Powerful words I must say. No matter what we are going through, how hard life may seem or whatever trial we may be dealt, it's all in God's plan for us. Even when we don't see it in the "Now", He will let us see it when we are ready.