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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jumping on the band wagon...

Well it's official I have jumped on the Twilight band wagon. I absolutely love this book! Everyone at work has been reading it for months now, I really didn't have the want to start. I never have any time to just read becuase I'm always so busy with either work or planning the wedding. So when the movie came out last Friday I thought I would go see it to see what all the infatuation was about. Much to my surprise I came out of the movie wanting to go straight to Barnes and Noble to buy the second edition called New Moon. All day Sunday I couldn't put it down. I get to work on Monday and of course everyone is discussing the movie, how they thought it wasnt't as good as the book. I mentioned that I started reading New Moon, the second book, and they all thought I should've read the first book first. My thinking was that the book is probably just like the movie so it would be boring now that I have seen the movie. But to all of our back and forth bickering they all insisted that I must read the first Twilight book. So my friend Christy brought in the first edition for me to read this morning. And I must say I read the first few pages and realized (I hate to admit) they were right! I can already tell it's so going to be so much better than the movie, it's has so much more detail.

Anyone out there that hasn't jumped on this band wagon now's the time!! You won't regret it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oooh Sensei, You So Smart. . .

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and Today is a gift, that's why they call it a Present.

Just thought I'd throw this out there and get your thoughts. Enjoy each day to the fullest and don't worry about the past or the future, live for today, like my babe always says!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I found "The One"..!!!

What a day all of us girls had on Saturday. It was a fun-filled day of wedding dress shopping. We all headed out around 10am. I started the day off with really bad allergies so I ended up having to carry around a Kleenex box the entire day, oh what fun that was. Not to mention I looked like Rudolph in a wedding dress the entire day. All in all it was a fantastic day, my best friend Lesley was there every step of the way with me hauling each dress up and over me each time I wanted to try on something new. I love her so much she is like a sister to me. Also, my real-life sister of 5 years Jennifer came with us, she had a lot of great ideas for me and kept my mom at bay when she didn't like certain dresses I would try on. I'm so glad that Jennifer's and my relationship has grown more and more. I'm looking very forward to my children having an Aunt one day. My cousin Danielle is awesome, she tried on and modeled all the different bridesmaid dresses for us to look at. She is so dang skinny, I was jealous! She looked great in everything she tried on. Meagan one of my dearest and oldest friends from high school also joined us. Meagan and I have been disconnected ever since high school but recently just got back in touch and have been talking and getting together ever since. And man I’m glad we did, I forgot how much fun we have together. We could definitely tell you some stories from our younger days. Audra is a wonderful friend that Sebastian and I met at church a few months back. Her and her husband recently got married in October, October 11th to be exact (the day Texas beat the crud out of OU). From the day we met them we knew we had made a special connection for a lasting friendship.

Well after we left the first store we decided it was time to take a break for lunch, so we went to Red Robin. It was great! Meagan introduced us all to a very interesting drink called“blueberry pomegranate limeade”. I’m really mad now that I didn’t get one. After lunch, we went to our next appointment, and at this place we hit a gold mine. They had all the types of dresses that I loved and the bridesmaid’s dresses were so cute. I ended up finding “the one” here.

I can’t wait for May 16th, 2009 to hurry up and get here. As each day goes by I’m getting more and more excited. Thanks to all my girls for making this day so special for me. It was wonderful!!

At this point we were worn out and tired of looking at anything white.
Top Row: Jennifer and Me
Bottom Row: Lesley, Danielle, Meagan and Audra

Here's kind of what the "blueberry pomegranate limeade" looked like! Doesn't it make your mouth water????

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Weeks? Fooo Real? That's Crazy!

So, just realized that there has not been a new post since like two weeks ago. We're still here so don't worry. Our new puppy is getting his training down and we think he's pretty smart. Well at least as smart as a dog can be. He is so chill too it's amazing. Most puppies would be extra hyper all the time but Major seems to like it chill and relaxing. Which is fine with us!!

It's Kristen's dad's birthday this weekend so we are on track to celebrate that on Saturday, but that is TBD due to the ou-tech game that night. Texas has a lot riding on this game and this will be the one rare occasion where Longhorn fans will root for the little sooners to win. I know, that's crazy!! The whole BCS thing is so complicated that not even a P.H.D can figure it out!! So we won't get into that.

Next week is Thanksgiving already, where has this year gone?? Pretty soon it will be Christmas and the year will be over. Although, this year we have some great things to be thankful for. For one, our relationship has grown stronger as we both accepted Christ into our lives and were baptized a few months ago. Earlier in the year, in March, Kristen and I got engaged and we are now in the process of planning our wedding!! It is almost here!!! It's been an exciting year and we are looking forward to spending the holidays with our families.

Well this is it for right now, stay tuned because holiday posts are coming and those should be fun!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another great weekend

This past weekend was great! It was full of relaxing and tons of leftover Halloween candy. We started the weekend off by giving Major his first real bath at our place and let’s just say it wasn’t something he’s ready to do again anytime soon. He acted like it was the most painful thing he’d ever been through. I do have to say he has been doing a great job adjusting to 2 different homes. Sebastian and I keep him during the weekdays my mom on the weekends. He loves it at her house because of the huge backyard. My niece treats him like her little baby, it’s so precious.

On Saturday we ran errands and got ready for the Texas vs. Tech game which we will not bring up. I’m still very bitter about the final outcome. Sebastian and I went to the famous Texadelphia for lunch which brought back so many memories. He used to work there many years ago and I remember him always bringing us dinner after his shift was over. The taste of their unique mustard blend literally brought back years of memories. It’s weird how that happens, like when you smell a certain scent and you remember someone or something special because of it. We absolutely love this place. If you've never tried it then you’re missing out.

Sunday was also great! We had our annual fall festival that my work sponsors at Circle R Ranch. This was my first time to go. My sister now works at Gaylord so she brought my niece and nephew and all of us had a wonderful time. When we got there they had all you can eat barbeque which was really good. Then we went outside where they had games, face painting and a petting zoo. The kids ended up waiting in an hour long-line just to get their face painted. But in the end it was completely worth it, the artists did an awesome job.

Cortheye the butterfly and Cylas the tiger.

I wanted to see if I would have more fun once I put this wig on, and to my surprise I didn't. To all brunettes out there it's just a myth!!!

So that sums it up for now, more to come next week......!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good To Meet You Mr. President

So, unless you live under a rock or on another planet, you know from last night that we have elected, as a country a new President. Living in Texas, as many of you know, leaves little to the imagination when it comes to any election. As it has been for decades, Texas voted Republican and awarded it's electoral votes to John McCain. That does not bother me at all as this was the expected result. I think what bothers me is the fact that once a particular candidate was not elected, there was an uproar about the winner's character, intelligence, morals and way of life. I'm just going to make one point and that is that God chose this candidate to be our President for the next four years before any of us went and cast our ballot. It is in his plan to have this man lead us for the next four years. Many may not agree with it and may disapprove of every decision that is made while he is in office, but he is our President now.

I am glad that the issue of race and gender is finally out the window and that the world can see our country as truly diverse and see us as acceptant people. We have finally caught up with the rest of the world on this issue. Politics is always such a trigger subject for many people. But more so when something does not go along with what they think or believe in. Now is the time for acceptance of the cards that God has dealt our country and work hand in hand with our neighbors, friends and strangers to get America back to prosperity in values, morals and common sense.

Millions of people went out and cast a ballot for the first time yesterday and that is historic. God put it in every voters' heart to go out and have their voices heard. While the country will always be split between red and blue, my only hope is that our country will never be split when it comes to truths that are endowed by our Creator;our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.