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Monday, August 24, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was so much fun! We had our entire weekend planned out from start to finish. To get it all started we went with some friends of ours from church to our favorite breakfast place of all time called "The Pancake House" . Every time we go to this place we always order the pancakes no matter what. They are so delicious and you can't find them made anywhere else like it. But this time we decided to go another direction. Our friends that went with us rave about a breakfast dish called the "Dutch Baby." It's hard to explain but it's was the most delicious breakfast I've had in awhile. Check out their menu.

Saturday night we had a girl's night out to celebrate Lesley's birthday. We went to Sambuca in uptown. We had a blast! The food was amazing and the band was great.

The next morning we went to church. Sebastian and I recently signed up to volunteer with the children's ministry. We have felt for awhile now that God has been calling us to give our time and serve within our church. Last Sunday was our first time and we absolutely loved it. I teach 3rd grade girls and he teaches 2nd grade boys. We had no idea how much energy these little guys would have. It has been so motivating for me to see how children learn and understand what God has done and continues doing for them. It also inspires me to see children worship with one another and enjoy it. Here is a picture that we took before the kids started to arrive this past Sunday. It's called "Adventure Zone". It's for all 1st-3rd grade kidos. In this picture this room is as quiet as you'll ever see it.

I haven't posted any pictures of pets lately, so I thought it was time.

Here's Major, he has grown so much since we adopted him last year. He is the biggest baby ever and hates having his picture taken. He will seriously go and hide as soon as he see's a camera come out. My mom and him are inseparable, where you find her you will find him. He never leaves her side, she says he is like her constant shadow. She recently went on a trip and had to leave him behind at home. He was so depressed, he stopped eating and wouldn't even play. I had to be sneaky to take this picture, but as you can see he's still not having it.

Here's Murphy, this picture is on the kids bunk beds at my mom's house. Their room has recently been painted blue, it must be calming to him because we can't get him out of there.

And last but not least the 2 newest additions to the families pets are Beta fish. The blue one is named "John" and the red one on the right is "Nemo". When the kids got home from being away for the summer they wanted their own fish more than anything, so my mom surprised them with these two. We didn't think Nemo was going to make it, he looked a little sluggish but to our surprise he's still swimmin. (Don't ask me why I think they are males, but they just seem like it to me.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picture Time

We haven't posted any pictures in awhile, so I thought I would share. Last Friday we went to a Frisco Roughrider game with some of our best friends and had a blast! It was one humid evening.

Jeff and Jess

Butch and Audrey

Here is Sebastian and Brett painting Emerie's baby room. She will be here in less than one month. We can't wait to meet her!!
While the boys were painting, Audra and I with some of our friends went to get pedicures and lunch.

Last night my wonderful husband made me a the most amazing dinner. We had steak, baked sweet potatoes and corn. It was delicious! I am so lucky and blessed to have a husband that loves to cook.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I can not believe that it is August already. One of the ways I can tell it's August is by stepping outside. If it feels like the sun is our neighbor, then we know it's August in Texas. I think we average 100 degrees during this month. Not good.

So Kristen and I are heading into Financial Peace, Budget part 2. Our first go round was challenging but we came out of it excited and with a great outlook on what's to come. The course says that it usually takes about 3 months for a budget to flow easily and without any hiccups. We hope we can accomplish that in less time but if it takes 3 months then that will be fine as well.

At the end of this month our dining room table will be shipped in, hopefully. We are both excited about this as this is one of our first major purchases as a married couple! And once we do get it all set up we will be able to have people over for dinner and to hang out. This is perfect timing since college football is just around the corner. This only means that we are allowed to pig out on stuffed jalapenos and scream at the tv for no apparent reason! It's great!

The next few months Kristen and I have a few trips planned down to Austin. Our first on is coming up in September for the TX vs Tech game on the 19th. The Horns are out for revenge after last season's heart-breaking loss to the techies. This year though the game is in Austin and 100,000 burnt orange clad fans will be ready to roll. Oh yeah and we will be eating some awesome BBQ during our stay! Can not go to Austin without eating BBQ! That would just be wrong! Oh and french toast, and tacos and maybe some ice cream, oh and definitely some pizza. I think that covers it. No, I forgot the DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookies! That covers it!

Today, Wednesday August 12, 2009 at 3pm Eastern Standard Time, another chapter in what has been a dominating story will take place. You may think I'm talking about an epic novel or something but I am simply talking about the World Cup qualifying match taking place at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City! The US had never won a match in this stadium mainly because of the elements. It sits at 7200 feet above sea level and holds over 100,000 people and the air is so polluted that your lungs start to feel bad before you get off the plane. Although I don't expect another dominating performance like we saw in the Gold Cup Final, I do expect the Mexican National Team to come out of this match with a hard fought victory. El Tri will prevail!

Ok so this blog was a bit wordy but I had to get my fix. I hadn't posted in a while so there you go. Enjoy and we'll catch you later!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's Been Happenin'

Well, let's see, it has been a long time since I have posted a blog. A lot has been going on and Kristen has been awesome at picking up my slack. Well let's get started. Kristen and I, for the past few weeks have embarked on a financial journey. It's more of a financial change in a good way. We have started Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. This course so far has challenged our way of thinking about cash and credit and how to go about using our income to better our lives now and for our future. We have really bought into his motto of: "Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else." So far we have created our budget system and have started our cash system as well and for our first week, we are very encouraged and going in the right direction. I think going through this course will allow Kristen and I to really strengthen our marriage and allow us to make smart choices with finances for our present and our future.

As you've read in the previous post, Kristen was out of town a couple of weekends ago in Galveston to visit our niece and nephew. Well, during that weekend I decided it would be a good time to try making a home made pizza using FRESH mozzarella. I capitalized FRESH because that's what I thought the cheese would be. Not so, not so. To my stomach's surprise, it was NOT! Needless to say an hour or so after eating that above mentioned pizza, I got sick. Really sick. Kristen felt bad that she was not here to take care of me, but when I described what happened she was fine with missing that part of it.

Well tonight is the premiere of one of our favorite TV shows. Man vs. Food!! (Check out the link for this on our sidebar.) The host, Adam goes around the country taking on food challenges at crazy and awesome food establishments. Tonight he heads down to Ol' San Antonio!! Everything's bigger in Texas so we are excited to see where he will go! Football season is just around the corner which can only mean that our annual trips down to Austin are coming up! We can not wait to head down to the 40 Acres and cheer on the Longhorns! And I can't forget to mention the awesome Double Tree cookies that we get to eat when we check into the hotel. Yeah, they're good! Our friend Mason gave us a shout out on his blog the other day so we are returning the favor! Whoo whooo!! Wut up Coach Pounds?! We definitely are heading to Austin to take on some eating challenges of our own!!

I started reading a book last week called A Blessed Marriage by Robert Morris who is the Pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake. It's very similar to Sacred Marriage but easier to understand. Going through the first couple of chapters really has challenged me to be true to God and his love for me, by me showing the same never ending love to my wife. That is and always will be my first priority because we were made God's priority so this makes perfect sense. She truly is a blessing in my life and I thank God that our paths have lead us to share our lives together. I love you babe!!

Well that's what's been going on the past several weeks. Hope you enjoyed and feel free to comment on anything you see on here. We are always anxious to see if we get any comments. So, as the most interesting man in the world says, "Stay Thirsty My Friends."