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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Austin Trip

Well this past weekend was Kristen's Dad's birthday, so we celebrated the only way we know how, Road Trip to Austin to watch the Longhorns!! Texas was playing Kansas this past weekend and they stormed past them 51-20 and clinched the Big 12 South title. Next up is a game against the aggies and then Nebraska in the conference championship game. Here is a recap in pictures of our weekend! Enjoy!

Here is the stadium as we started our tour of the facilities

Here is Gary under the Horns. Do as it says, Don't Mess With Texas!!

Some of the great running backs that have played at Texas

Is that Mack Brown? No, it's Gary at Mack's Desk

Last one was in 2005, next one is this year!!

Kristen and her Dad with the biggest Longhorn on the planet

We ate at Salt Lick BBQ

Here we all are outside the stadium

My beautiful wife and I waiting for the team to arrive

Mack Brown getting his Horns up!!

Jordan Shipley in the background

Greatest QB in Texas History? We'll see after this season.

Stadium before the game

My beautiful wife and I at waiting for the game to get going

The Eyes of Texas

Kristen and Gary

Us watching Texas pound Kansas

The Tower goes Orange!!

After all was done, Colt McCoy set the all time wins record by a QB, Texas improved to 11-0 and the road to Pasadena continues! We all had a blast hanging out in Austin, eating Homeslice Pizza, SaltLick, Magnolia Cafe & Texadelphia and watching the Horns win! My wife did an amazing job planning this trip for all of us! Hook Em'Horns!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Road Trip & Longhorn Football

Heading down to Austin this week to celebrate Kristen's Dad's birthday! It's going to be a great time! BBQ, Austin and Longhorn Football. It does not get any better than that. Texas goes up against Kansas on Saturday night as Colt McCoy will break the all time wins record by a QB. So our trip will consist of this:

Some of this:

Hey, even Obama knows what's up!!

And some of this:

Keep posted for pictures and for a recap of things. We just hope that the weather will be good and that the forecasted rain does not show up! But we'll have a great time regardless! Out for now, but be back later! Hook Em' Horns!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Night

Halloween was last weekend, it was a lot fun and we wanted to share a few pictures from our evening.

Here is my wife with our nephew in matching Halloween shirts!

Cortheye & Cylas as Dorothy & The Tin Man

Cortheye dressing up Major in his Costume

My beautiful wife with Major, he doesn't like his picture taken

It's funny to think that on this one night, our doorbell gets more use than the entire year combined. We passed out a bunch of candy to a bunch of strangers in costumes and masks and what not. Only 1 kid tripped this year on our blow up decorations in the front yard and avoided getting hurt. The Longhorns beat little Okie 41-14 to avoid any misteps on their way to a Conference Title. Overall it was a great evening. Next up, I don't know yet. . .keep checking in and find out. Hook Em' Horns!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So last week Kristen and I got our wedding album and pictures! We were so excited to see the what our wedding album would look like and it was awesome! It's funny how it doesn't even seem like our wedding was 6 months ago. Well, since we got our picture proofs, we started picking out our favorite ones and sending them to get printed! Here are a few to enjoy:

We'll try to pick out our favorite ones and make them into a slideshow or something. There are just so many of them that we love that it will take us a while to go through and pick some out! So, when we do we'll get started on that!