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Friday, March 26, 2010


Well, March is almost over and that means that it's almost time for our vacation! We can't wait! Both Kristen and I are ready to take some time off and relax and go exploring for adventure. A little under 3 weeks to go!!

We are ready for this:

And some Arepas

And Empanadas

Of course there will be more food but for now we will leave you hungry with these. We were also thinking of going zip lining in the rain forest but not sure if we need a group to do that, so we will find out when we get there.

On another note, Lost this week was awesome! One of the best episodes of the entire series I thought! Can't wait to see what the last 7 episodes have in store. If you are a fan of Lost, I have a link that takes you to a Lost Blog that is pretty awesome. That's all for now, but we'll update more often if we get the chance. Later!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Living Like No One Else Now!!

So this past weekend Kristen and I accomplished something that we thought was unobtainable. You know, unobtainable like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or finding a four leaf clover(it is St.Patrick's Day after all), or even getting answers like who in the heck is "Jacob" on Lost.

Anyways, sorry I got off track there. As of this past weekend of March 2010,"We're Debt Free!!!!" We could not believe that we actually got to the finish line of what we started last summer. It is such a relief and a huge weight off of our shoulders to have accomplished this together!! Although it was not easy to get started, or to keep it going, we persevered and strengthened our marriage in the process!

We want to thank our friend's the Hillier's for teaching us the tools we needed to not be "normal" and be on the path to financial freedom. Without them reaching out to us last year, we would still be leading the life of debt that we had. Another thanks goes out to Dave Ramsey for preaching every day to "Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else!" This is so true!! Dave we will be calling you in the near future to scream on your show. For those who watch it, you know what we mean.

It was funny though once we paid off our last debt because it was surreal. We were speechless and just kind of standing in our living room not wanting to move thinking it was a dream. Thank God that he gave us the strength, maturity and patience to get us through this. Now we are going to be able to pay it forward and have the means to help others.

So now we start our new life and we are so hapy to have learned the tools to never get back to being "normal" again!!

Also, I just noticed that we are getting visitors from all over the world. That's awesome! After the United States, our next biggest fans are the British, followed by Canadians, Brazilians, Australians and Russians. We are even popular in Malaysia. Who would have thought? So keep visiting us and I'll update the stats periodically.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Am I?

Where do you get your identity from? What do you let define you? A lot of us allow experiences in our lives identify who we are and who we will be. I am at fault when it comes to this because I allowed things in my life to define who I was. I was guilty of both wanting to gain acceptance and wanting to feel significant in relationships. In dealing through all of that, I always asked myself,"Am I enough, am I worth it?" Being human, I'm sure we all at some point in our lives ask ourselves this and wait for an answer.

Until recently I did not fully grasp the answer to this. I am fully known and fully loved by God! That's powerful stuff right there!! I do not want to be a man that seeks acceptance or that seeks to feel significant by life's experiences. I want to embrace my God given identity to strengthen my relationships and brake down any barriers that get in the way of that. I can only do this by turning my life to God on a daily basis and ask to be humbled and to be given the confidence through Him to be assured of who I am. I keep replaying this thought in my mind and it just amazes me how simple, yet how powerful it is!

I want to be the type of man that understands this truth and has God given confidence in the identity I was given through Him. I want to be the type of man that can give love and grace to relationships, rather than try to get something out of them like acceptance or a feeling of being significant. Father, humble me and give me the strength and wisdom needed to be this type of man to my wife, my family and my friends. Allow me to overcome the barriers that come between being lost and fully knowing my identity through you. Help me show love and grace to relationships in my life and use me to make you known to the world.