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Thursday, July 29, 2010

All You Can Eat, Yes I Will!

Last Saturday night, Kristen and I headed over to the Ballpark in Arlington to watch the Rangers take on the Angels. Her work hosted their entire office and their families in the All You Can Eat section! I can't tell you exactly what went on during the game because we spent most of our time enjoying the buffet they had set up in the air conditioned room above our section. Aside from being in a suite, that has to be the 2nd best way to watch a game on a hot July evening in Texas. We enjoyed the usual ballpark grub like hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn. But we also went ahead and had the grilled chicken sandwiches and some pretzels. Only downside is that they don't serve the garlic fries on the buffet. . .I know, I was sad too!

But overall, we had a great time and as we left the ballpark, I realized that the Rangers lost that night. Oh well, can't win them all and can't keep focused on the game when there's food to be eaten!! Here we are "enjoying" the heat that evening! Let's just say we were really glad that they had air conditioning where we ate.

So, comparing this All You Can Eat section to the Frisco Rough Riders All You Can Eat section, right now I have to call it a draw. We will have to head over to another Rough Rider game to give them another shot to pull ahead of the Rangers in this category. We'll keep you posted of the results. . . . Later for now!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bullet Point Thoughts

I thought I would try this format and see how it worked out. I figured I would be able to get more thoughts in without trying to fill in more info around them. So here goes, the inaugural bullet point thoughts blog.
  • People don't know how to really spell Faith, it is spelled "RISK"
  • Believing in yourself is the first step to having others believe in you
  • If you are genuine and nice to people, they really appreciate it
  • Smiling goes a long way to making someone's day brighter
  • Being in love is not everything, knowing how to love is
  • God forgives you even when you don't deserve it
  • Witnessing history is better than reading about it
  • Watching the Discovery channel makes you nerdy (I'm in that club)
  • It's funny how it's the simplest things in life that mean the most, not where you live, what you drive or the price tag on your clothes. (Thanks to Zac Brown Band for that one)
  • Country music is awesome, REAL country music, not the fake stuff they play today
  • I like macaroni & cheese. . . a lot!
  • Appearing to be smart is different than being smart
  • Remember when you used to know your neighbors, let's bring that back
  • Transition in life is going to happen, it's how you deal with it that makes it good or bad
  • Even if people annoy you, pray for them. Don't you think you annoyed God at some point too?
  • Does Home-Cooking have to be made in your home or can you go out and get it?
  • If something on the menu says "Chicken Fried", order it, it's good
  • Working out makes me tired, who would have thought??
  • When my wife makes an apple pie, I eat more than half of it myself, is that ok?
  • Friendships take time to make but seconds to lose
  • Remember, we can't choose who our family is, embrace it, they made you who you are today
  • Act your wage, it's both physically and financially healthy
  • Live by the motto, "Safety 3rd"
  • Those Dos Equis commercials are funny
  • There are more riches in life than money
  • What you are remembered for is your legacy. What will yours look like?
  • When they say "With every year love grows" they are right
  • Marrying my wife has been one of two great decisions in my life. The other was to follow God.

Well, there was the first bullet point thoughts blog. I hope you enjoy it because I like this format of writing. Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kristen's Birthday!

We celebrated Kristen's birthday a couple of weekends ago and we had a great time. On the Friday before her birthday Kristen was able to enjoy a spa afternoon as my gift to her! She really enjoyed relaxing and getting pampered after working really hard the past few months. That evening we enjoyed a night out to dinner with our friends Jon & Carrie, Gabe & Erin and Marc & Kacie at Olive Garden! We had a great time, great food and enjoyed a home made cake that Carrie baked for Kristen's birthday.

After dinner we headed over to the Allen's house for some game night fun! We attempted to play Wii, but frustration with the difficulty in controling the Wii remotes made us change our minds and we brought out Scattegories! It's fun to see how other people think when this game is played and laugh at some of the answers!

On Sunday we celebrated Kristen's birthday with our families at the Ft. Worth Stockyards! We headed out for BBQ @ Riskys and we even got to see the Cattle Drive they do down Main St.

Here is Kristen and her mom and Major on her birthday

I love my wife's smile!!

Here is the Steer we had for lunch, no I'm just kidding, or am I??

Here we are before chowing down on some BBQ

We had a great time spending time with our families and enjoying a great meal. It's funny how celebrations always center around something or somewhere to eat. I'm not complaining though, I enjoy trying new places and new stuff all the time! We'll keep this more updated moving forward, I hope. . . .

Celebrate Freedom 2010

Two weekends ago Kristen and I joined our friends Kacie & Marc at Celebrate Freedom 2010. We had planned to head out there about 5pm but thank goodness we didn't because it was hot that afternoon! I think if we would have headed out at that time we would all have been dehydrated in like 20 minutes.

Thankfully we all agreed to just head out there right before Third Day took the stage, which was great because that was the only band we really wanted to go see and the sun had gone down by then too!

Here is Third Day getting their set started

We were really happy that they played a bunch of their great songs and a couple of new ones from their new album. Even though the sun went down it was still a hot and humid evening but with great music playing, it didn't matter what the weather was like.

Here is my beautiful wife with Kacie

Here is Marc & Kacie enjoying Third Day along with us!

All in all, Third Day rocked that evening and we had a great time! The madness that followed was trying to get out of a parking lot along with 10,000 other people. That was interesting but it did not take us as long as we thought. Either way, we were glad we got to experience Celebrate Freedom 2010!

Memorial Day Stuff

Yeah so this is a bit late. But the past few weeks have been pretty busy so let's just say that's why. So Memorial Day 2010 was great! We had a cookout at Kristen's mom's house and had our friends Gabe & Erin over to join us.

Here's Gabe & Erin as Gabe is jamming to the Eagles

Our niece and nephew were also there and I thought I would mess with Cylas just a bit by jumping on the trampoline with him. I take jumping on the trampoline very seriously as you can tell by my expression.

We really enjoyed just hanging out and enjoying the weather and our friends and great food. Here is my beautiful wife enjoying the weather that day. I truly am blessed to have her as my wife!

We had a great Memorial Day and hope to continue making this a tradition with our friends and family.