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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dave Ramseyisms. . .

I like to listen to the Dave Ramsey show each day to just hear people's stories about defeating debt and to listen to encouraging stories of those on their way. From time to time Dave will throw out phrases that both make sense and are funny. Here's a few of my favorites:

  • You can't buy it if you don't have the freakin' money!
  • Tell your money where to go, or it will leave you
  • If you shoot for nothing, you will hit it every time
  • Broke people giving financial advice is like a shop teacher with missing fingers
  • You will NEVER out earn stupidity and a lack of discipline
  • If you buy the things you don't need, one day you will need the things you can't buy
  • If you want something you've never had, you'll have to do something you've never done
  • What can you do when you have no payments? Anything you want!!!

So there are a few Dave Ramseyisms for your morning. Hope some of these can inspire you to get on a plan to beat debt and to quit being "normal Americans"!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Farewell Old Friend

We wanted to take this time to bid farewell to a dear friend of ours. Their name was Kalbee House Korean BBQ. Yes, we know, it is weird to bid farewell to a place, but we will miss it dearly. Kristen and I have had plenty of great meals from this place and we found out yesterday after our craving for some Korean food that this place is no longer in business. So Kalbee House, this one is for you!

We will miss the way you used to answer the phone and not understand us, but yet, get our order correctly. We will miss that mysterious liquid in styrofoam cups, that we later found out was really Ginger Tea. The large portions of food for such a great price will be truly missed. But most of all, we will miss the fact that you delivered to the middle of nowhere, where we now live. So farewell ye olde Kalbee House as we welcome the new tenant, Shanghai Grill!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Restaurant Week 2010

Starting this weekend here in the DFW area, KRLD Restaurant Week begins! It's a great time of year aside from it being 105 degrees in Texas around that time. Anyways, the cool thing is that part of the proceeds from Restaurant Week go to the NTX Food Bank which is always a great cause. This year Kristen and I wanted to try Jaspers in Plano, but so did everyone else and we weren't able to get reservations. But, that's ok, we are going to try Truluck's next week and we are very excited. We will post a review blog about our experience and let you know how it goes. It would be cool if every week was Restaurant Week because for a set price, each person gets a 3 course meal! It's a genius idea! So if your area has a Restaurant Week, take advantage of it and try new things!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Out With Friends

A few weeks ago we had the chance to go out to dinner with some friends and we had a great time. We went to Abuelo's in Lewisville and being indoors was way better than being outside that day because it was hot! Our friends the Sexton's and the Matheny's joined us that evening as we enjoyed some Mexican food and some air conditioning! Here we are the 3 Amigos! Ok so we're not really Steve Martin, Chevy Chase or Martin Short, but we were having Mexican food that night so why not??

Here are our wives enjoying the cool temperature inside of Abuelo's! I think they were more comfortable than we were because they were sitting down and we weren't.

Here is Brett & Audra's little girl Emerie wondering what I am doing with a camera in her face. I don't know about you, but I stepped back after this picture and didn't mess with her again. I mean, I didn't want to lose my eye or anything. She meant business!!

Random Stuff

Here are some pictures of random stuff that we saw. This one is of a guy riding a moped through DFW Airport. Just thought it was random to see a guy riding a red moped.

But that's not all. While driving through Irving a while ago, this car caught my eye for all the wrong reasons. You would think Gamestop would be a sponsor of this car. I know you can't tell from this angle, but this car is loaded with stickers advertising different game consoles.

Here is another view so you can see what I mean. I think "Wii" should all trick out our rides like that. . . . ok, so maybe not, but you have to wonder what this dude was thinking.

Avocado, Fried Style

Let's face it, we like to eat avocados! It doesn't matter if it's made into guacamole, if we add slices to our burgers or sandwiches or if we choose to add it to our tacos. We will eat avocado because it's simply good. Well, we found an avocado appetizer that will give BJ's Brewery a run for their money. We found this at California Pizza Kitchen. I know, an avocado at a pizza place? We were stunned too! But boy, were we thrilled at first bite.

These were avocado eggrolls. They were filled with grilled chicken, avocado, cheese, and yes the best ingridient ever, bacon. The dipping sauces that came with them were an herb ranch and what they call a ranchito dressing (I think it was ranch with some lime in it). Either way, they were really good and we would get them again. And being at a pizza place we of course had to get a pizza so it wouldn't get it's feelings hurt you know.

Good Eats

I'll just go ahead and say it, pressed sandwiches are good. Some call them paninis, and others call them pressed sandwiches. So to be fair, for the sake of this blog we will call them pressinis. We found a Cubano sandwich that was delicious. Driving around in Frisco, we rarely notice some of the places we drive by unless we are not paying attention to the road. Well, after making a wrong turn the other day, we came face to face with a place called Mojitos right off of Preston. We have been looking for a place to eat some Cuban sandwiches in the area that resemble one of our Austin spots called Texas Cuban. We ordered two different sandwiches, the Original Cubano and the Pulled Pork. Here is what they looked like:

They were really good! The bread was crunchy at the first bite and then it was on to flavor town. Both sandwiches were really spot on. The Cubano had a good balance of flavor from the pork and the tangy from the pickle. The pulled pork was tender and juicy and melted in your mouth! We are definitely going back to try other stuff on their menu!

Cupcake Wars, Mancillas Style

Here lately, Kristen and I have been on the hunt for cool new places to eat cupcakes around where we live and have found several places that look promising. Here is a cupcake place we found off the Dallas Tollway a while ago and we tried 3 of their cupcakes. This place is called the Cupcakery and we tried their lemon, red velvet and citrus cupcakes. We both liked the way the cupcake looked but were not real impressed with the taste. We like our cupcakes at a shade cooler than room temperature and these were kept in a cooler, so that may have affected the taste a bit.

We've also tried Sprinkels Cupcakes in Dallas, Dimples Cupcakes in Frisco and 8th wonder cupcakes in Flower Mound. So far Sprinkles has the others beat on taste but when it comes to price, Dimples was the most expensive and Cupcakery was the cheapest. Overall trying out cupcakes is a great way to spend an afternoon, so I'm not one to complain!! I know there's more bakeries out there for us to find, so watch out!!