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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catching Up, Somewhat. . . .

Well, it's been about 20 days since our last post. Yeah that's a pretty long time between updates. Sorry about that. Kristen and I have been pretty busy these past several weeks and we'll tell you all why starting next week.

For now, we just wanted to update on some things that have been going on. Our small group has started again and we fell that God is really working in all of us and building relationships within the group. We feel really encouraged to be witnessing God's work in our lives!

Kristen and I have joined a small group of our own and we both feel that we can gain a lot of Godly insight into our marriage from the couples in this group. We are the youngest couple in the group which works to our advantage in the sense that we get to pick everyone's brains about different stages in life. And each group get together has food!!

There was a shooting today on the campus of UT Austin. Not a lot of details out yet aside from one gunman being eliminated and no reports of others hurt. They are searching for one other suspect at the moment.

Weather in our area is slowly transitioning to Fall-type temperatures. For that we are all thankful! August could not be over soon enough in our area!

The Longhorns lost to UCLA over the weekend and a bunch of people were sad. Then they started yelling at the offensive coordinator and felt better.

In international news today, Kim Jong Il appointed his son Kim Jong Un to be a General in the nation's army. Speculating that this will eventually be the one that takes over for Kim Jong Il. Man, when will they learn that communism is so 1957? Jong Il and Fidel should change their Facebook status to "I no communist no mas!!"

Texas faces ou this weekend and I'm not going to get my hopes up. I would rather expect a loss and have the outcome be a win, than the other way around.

That's all for now. Hook Em'!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


How do you deal with transition in your life? Are you the type of person that will seek counsel or advice from people you trust? Or do you close off and attempt to deal with things on your own? Many of us are able to "deal" with stuff in private and we find that most of the time we don't get anywhere. What if you had to deal with change in the public eye? What if everyone around you knew that you were going through something? Would that add more pressure to the "stuff" you're dealing with?

We all go through transitions in our life. Some great and some not so great. How we act and deal with each transition says a lot about who we are. Either way, we should all embrace any transition that comes our way because it is God's will for us to be in that place at that time. Going through changes in life is what allows us to learn and grow in our spiritual and personal relationships. So surround yourself with people you can talk to, people that can give you wise counsel and with people that you are able to counsel. We all as believers support one another through our trials in life. Let that be a way in which you can show an unbelieving world what true compassion and grace is. God had grace for us, why shouldn't we do the same for others?