Who's Checking Us Out


Friday, March 11, 2011

A little behind....

Things have been so busy lately and I'm a little behind on baby bump pictures. Here I am at 24 weeks! My belly has really grown over the past 2 weeks. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and was tested for gestational diabetes. I had to drink this orange drink that resembled Sunkist but in no way tasted like Sunkist. I had to have the entire bottle finished within 10 minutes, this was bit of a task for me but I got through it. I pray that I receive great results. Olivia's heart rate was perfect and even had the hiccups. She didn't care much for the drink either. Sebastian and I are going to register this weekend for all things baby. We're so excited!

Everytime I take baby bump pictures Buddy always wonders what the heck we're doing. So this time we put him in the shot.

More updates to come soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Pastor John's message this past weekend was powerful. God is really using John to convey His truth! The current series "You Are The Church" has been a gut check, spirit check, and heart check, at least for myself. We usually think of Pastors as great speakers, motivators or public figures. I, at least, up until this past weekend didn't have my eyes open to the fact that words that Kingdom focused Pastors speak are coming directly from God.

God will speak to all of us in our own individual way, so that we will hear His truth. In John's message his thoughts this week were: Church is where we hear the word. Church is where we minister to people and receive ministry from others. Church is where we meet with God.

Think about this, Matthew 18:20 says,"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." Church is not your worship building, church is wherever you go each and every moment of your day. Your daily routine is your church! That thought alone is kind of mind blowing. You have an impact on those around you by just being in the likeness of God! Think about that as you go about your day today. Think about how you can be more God focused and how that alone will make waves of positive changes to those around you.

Speak truth in love each day, stand back and watch as God uses you to minister to those around you! Don't be self-centered, be God-centered and you will see your life transformed!