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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

31 Weeks and First Shower

I can't believe I'm already 31 weeks!! The time has flown by, it feels like it was just yesterday when I found out I was pregnant. I have been feeling really good lately minus the constant allergies and sinus. We had our check-up last week and little Olivia is right on track with a due date still around June 21st. She has started getting the hiccups a lot, but they say that's a good sign of strong lungs. So bring on the hiccups. I haven't had any off the wall cravings. I just really like all food in general but anything that has cake in it I'm there. We have been working on her nursery and it's almost done. Can't wait to share pictures when we're finished. I think she is going to love it!!

I had my first shower this weekend that my sister and mom threw me. It was so much fun!! We are so blessed to have recevied so many gifts for Olivia. Everything was just perfect.

My Sister, Mom and niece Cortheye
Cake Table

Beautiful Cake, it matched the invitations perfectly.

My best friend Lesley and her mom.

My good friends Casey and Ashley. I hadn't seen Casey in a year and half and she just recently moved back. I'm so happy she's back!

My cousins Stephanie, Terri, Karen, Brooklyn and Kaley.
My Aunt Ronda and cousin Shelley.
My Aunt Ginny made the cutest handmade bassinet, it was adorable.
Me and my mom.
Our good friend Donna and my mother-in-law Mary.
I received the cutest gifts.
After we got home Buddy and Moo couldn't wait to try out the bassinet. They thought it was made specially for them. I think they both know that change is coming but have no idea how big. Poor things.
Thank you to all our family and friends, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Stay tuned, we'll have pictures of the nursery soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's the middle of the week which means that the weekend is fast approaching us! It's been quite a week already with the storms we had on Monday to the cleanup we did on Tuesday. However, I am thankful for the rain we had because that means I don't have to remember to water our yard this week!

I was watching our little girl move last night as we were sitting on the couch and that is just the most amazing thing to watch! My wife and I will just sit there and stare at her stomach just to watch Olivia move and kick and move and kick! We can't wait to meet her already! I sit and wonder what she will be like, how she will act and what she will sound like when she makes noises. This is such an amazing gift from God and for that I am really thankful! We are blessed to be experiencing this and we pray that God gives us the strength, patience and will to raise our daughter in a Godly way!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


On the morning of Monday April 11th at 12:30am a storm came through the area with winds up to 90 mph. As we left for work yesterday morning we surveyed the damage and we thank God that it was minimal compared to other areas in our neighborhood. Today I am thankful for that and for the fact that even though there was damage, nobody that we know of was injured through all of this.

I am also thankful this morning for the continued health and growth of our little girl Olivia! I pray that these next couple of months will continue to go as well as the past 7 months and that God will continue to keep both my wife and our little girl in great health! We can't wait to meet her!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


I have not posted since Wednesday due to a crazy past couple of days. However, today I am thankful for weekends!! I love when Friday comes around each week because I know that the following morning I am able to sleep in until 7am and have my coffee sitting down instead of on the go and maybe even eat some breakfast sitting at a table. I enjoy weekends because it gives Kristen and I time to catch up from going crazy during the week and really have time to spend together! If you really think about it, you spend more time at driving to and from work, and at work than you do at home with your family. So we like to make the most of the time we have together!

I am also thankful today that I did not get electrocuted as I dabbled in some more electrical work yesterday at the house. I pray that this weekend God gives me time to rest and recoup and the strength to take on another week come Monday morning! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Change

On this week one year ago after 27 years, I got braces put on. I won't lie, it was a struggle to get adjusted to them the first 11 months, but that 12 month was a piece of cake. Cake, that is one thing I had a hard time eating at first along with rice and pastas. I did not like having the braces and the expander! But, after only one year I have seen a tremendous change in my teeth and I am glad that we were able to make this happen.

It's crazy how it only took one year to see change due to wearing braces. I think back and wonder how long it took for real change to come to my life once I was on the right path. So today I am thankful for positive change and how that impacts you and those around you! Thank you God for allowing change in our lives as we seek to live a life of purpose!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thankful for God

This morning when we woke up it was 31 degrees outside in April, in Texas! I can't believe how often the weather has changed in the past several weeks here in the area. One day it's sunny and warm and the next day is cool and breezy and this morning, below freezing temperatures.

Just as the weather changes so rapidly and without warning, our heart and soul changes the same way when we open our lives to God. I remember that transformation in me when I finally decided to allow God into my heart and into my life. It was an amazing breath of new life! Since that day my entire outlook on life, people, etc has changed dramatically!

So today, I am thankful for God's unchanging, overpowering and graceful love for us! We don't need to do anything to gain His love for us, we just need to open our hearts! I pray that many more people will experience that same overwhelming love that I felt that day and continue to witness each day in my life!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Already?

It's April already and this morning I came to the realization that our daughter will be here sooner than we think. I am going to be a father in three months! As each day goes by and I see my wife becoming a beautiful mother, I stop and thank God for this amazing gift! My wife is beautiful as ever with Olivia growing and developing inside her. Each time I feel Olivia kick or move, it gives me goosebumps. I truly am experiencing God's majestic wonder and creative power as each day goes by!!

This weekend I had a bit of time so I took on some electrical work at the house. I've been shocked by small amounts of electricity before so I know how much it stinks when it happens. That's why I take great precautions when dealing with anything that can kill me. Anyways, I escaped without any harm and put up some new light fixtures in the spare bedrooms.

The Rangers swept the Red Sox this weekend to start the year off 3-0, so that's a good way to start the season. We watched the Celebrity Apprentice last night and I think Gary Busey has to be one of the funniest people I've seen. Some of the things he says just puzzle you, but they are hilarious!

I am going to start blogging each day about something that I am thankful for. Today I am thankful for an amazing wife that God has blessed me with. She has been supportive and loving for the 12+ years that we have been together and for that I love her dearly!