Who's Checking Us Out


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 1/2 Months Old

Olivia is officially 2 ½ months old and growing way too fast! She is now 10 pounds 12 ounces and 23 inches long. She is still eating around 4-5 ounces 5 times a day and sleeping so well through the night. We contribute this to not taking many naps throughout the day. She’s afraid she might miss something if she falls asleep. She has brought so much joy to her mommy and daddy. Olivia has had a busy month, we took her to church for the first time a few weeks ago and did so well. I wasn’t ready to put her in the nursery so she went into service with us, she did so well during the worship songs but as soon as Pastor John started talking it was all over from there. Our church is wonderful, they have a family room where you can take your baby and still watch the service on a big screen. Next week we might try out the nursery. Little Livy stills loves to laugh and is now starting to make noises trying to communicate. She loves watching TV, we have a baby channel that she will just stare at and laugh for as long as we let her. I know she can't stay a baby forever but I wish it would slow down a little.

Taking a long nap after first set of vaccines. Not a good day.

Her cousin Cortheye meeting her for the first time. I see a future babysitter in the works.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Growing So Fast

Olivia was officially 7 weeks old yesterday and I can say without a doubt it has been the best 7 weeks of my entire life. She has brought so much joy to her daddy and I. She is growing way too fast. She now eats around 4-5 ounces 5 times a day and has been sleeping so well through the night, around 8 hours. Mommy and Daddy love that! Dr. Bookout her pediatrician was shocked that she's already sleeping so long, we are very blessed. We finally started getting Olivia's stomach issues resolved. She has very bad acid reflux and now takes prevacid twice a day; she started this regimen 3 weeks ago. She is such a happier baby now. We also changed the type of bottles we were using to the Playtex drop ins, we are in love with these. She loves them and they're so easy to clean-up. She is so alert these days, she follows both our voices and smiles all the time. We sometimes think she's laughing at us and not with us. Her smile is precious, we just melt. Olivia loves her bath time, she is going to be our little fish. She absolutely loves water, when pouring water over her she just sucks on her hands and smiles. Olivia still sleeps in our room in her bassinet, it's going to be so hard for me to start putting her in her own room. I've started to put her down for naps in there but she doesn't seem to like it. This is still a work in progress.

This past weekend Sebastian and I were able to go my work outing at the ballpark in Arlington for a Ranger game. It was so much fun! I hadn't seen any of my co-workers since mid June. It was a hot one but at least we were in an indoor suite with plenty of drinks and food. Olivia stayed with Sebastian's parents at our house. They had a great time and she did so well. It felt good for Sebastian and I to get out and realize there is an outside world again. We missed her the entire time we were gone and couldn't wait to get back home.