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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Year Ago Today

Today marks the anniversary of when we found out I was pregnant. Wow, has time flown by! I'm not going to lie we were so surprised. A week prior I had went on a business trip to San Antonio and was sick the entire time, I didn't really think anything of it. I started having symptoms when I got off the plane. I was so dizzy and just plain sick, I blew it off to bad allergies. While there we had to get on a bus and do an all day tour of restaurants, it was a pre-planning trip for our national sales meeting. The bus we were riding in had seats that sat backwards and I sat in one of those, I literally almost got sick multiple times. One of my co-workers had some Dramamine for motion sickness and asked me to take some but I denied. Looking back now not sure why I didn't take any. The rest of the trip I was just miserable. To make a long story short the following weekend I returned home and decided maybe I should take a pregnancy test. I didn't let Sebastian know. We woke up one morning and I went to the guest bathroom and took the test. I didn't really read the instructions thinking it was probably going to be negative, but to my surprise I looked down and saw this!

Then I grabbed the instructions I had just thrown away and was reading it a mile a minute making sure I did everything correct. I mean it's pretty hard to take one of these tests, right? Ha! I literally was shaking from head to toe and couldn't even speak. I remember going into the kitchen and wanted to call for Sebastian to come in but couldn't even get his name out. He walked in and I said "we're pregnant" all the while my hand was trembling as I showed him my pee stick. So romantic, I know. I was in such shock there was no way I could keep it from him long enough to come up with a great way to tell him. Looking back I feel so bad, I should have made it more special when I told him but in case he found me passed out on the floor I wanted him to know why.

Olivia is the most precious gift we've ever received. We thank God everyday for allowing this pregnancy test to be a positive!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Olivia’s 4-month birthday was last Tuesday. She received an A+ from her doctor. She has grown so much, 13 pounds 11 ounces and 25 1/4 inches long. She’s in the 90th percentile for her height, we can’t believe how tall she is.

Olivia, you have so many nicknames now but the ones we use most are Livy and Livy Lu Who. Not sure how we came up with the second one but sounds like it came out of a Dr. Suess book. You have really started growing out of the newborn stage this month and into more of a baby with a personality. You love everyone, even strangers. When we take you out everyone always loves to always stop and talk to you and you just smile away. You’re still not sure about your Grandpa, I think it’s his voice you’re not too sure of. Whenever we get you two together you normally cry until your back in my arms. We are working through it though. The pediatrician said you are doing great with tummy time but would like to start seeing you roll from your back to your stomach very soon.

Hanging out with Grandpa

You are still eating around 5-6 ounces 5 times a day. You still wear 3 month clothes. We finally took you off prevacid and you’re reflux is pretty much gone. You’ve started taking naps in your crib now which is a big accomplishment. Daddy and I love watching you on the monitor when you wake up from naps, it’s just precious to watch you on your own. You’ve found your feet and you love taking off your socks. I still get up quit often during the night to check on you and normally your feet are ice cold because you’ve pulled your socks off. We would love to be able to put you in the footy pajamas but you are so tall that they’re so uncomfortable for you and the big ones swallow you. You’re not a big fan of your bumbo seat, you actually dislike it very much. It’s a little seat that’s supposed to help you learn to sit up but for some reason you find it very uncomfortable. However for your 4-month birthday we bought you an exercauser which you adore. It’s still kind of big for you so with a little help from pillows and rolled up blankets it works great.

You are getting so big and we love every new little thing you do. Mommy and Daddy love it when you know when we walk into the room, you just light up for us. You have really started to chuckle now, its so cute. Daddy can really make you start lauging with all his funny faces and noises. We would love to record it on video but as soon as we bring out the camera you stop and look at us like we're crazy. We think you'll probably start teething soon, you have started drooling a lot and putting everything you find into your mouth. You absolutely love "Sophie" the giraffe, you love chewing and drooling on her all day. I thank God every night for blessing us with an amazing daughter, I couldn't imagine life without you.

This past weekend was your first trip to the pumpkin patch, I wish you would have liked it more than you did. You were very cranky and just wanted to leave. We tried to take a few pictures but weren’t able to get you to smile. It’s ok though, maybe next year you’ll have more fun when actually know what’s going on.

This picture makes me laugh, it shows exactly how the afternoon went. Haha!
Livy's cousins, Cortheye and Cylas
My friend Audra and her daughter Emerie
A few weekends ago we watched the TX/OU game at our friend’s home. Livy and her boyfriend Nate had a great time. Nate is only 2 weeks older than Livy, my good friend and I found out on the same day we were pregnant. I’m so blessed we were able to experience pregnancy together, I couldn’t have done it without her.

Wherever Livy is you'll normally find Buddy. He's still very jealous that Olivia is the new baby at home but I think she's growing on him.Since I forgot to post a pic of Livy with her 3 month sticker, I wanted to add it in. (pic was taken 12 days after her 3 month birthday, oops)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

4 Months

Our sweet little girl turned 4 months old yesterday! I will post more later but wanted to leave you with this precious face.